Puppet Festivals

Nottingham Puppet Festival

Nottingham is a small yet beautiful city situated in Central England’s Midlands region. This city is unique and special in a lot of ways and aspects. Nottingham is famous for its several tourist spots and places such as Castle Quarter, Wayne Manor, etc. Apart from this, it is also well known for arts and artistic people.

One more specialty about Nottingham is that it is rich in puppet shows and festivals. The first-ever Nottingham Puppet Festival was organized in 2018 and it was a grand success for the city. Since then, this city arranges such beautiful puppet festivals every year.


Specialties about Nottingham Puppet Festival

There are some exceptional facts about Nottingham Puppet Festival that makes it peculiar among the other occasions and festivals. Nottingham puppet festival has become an amazing fantasy for people all over the world without any doubt.

The specialties about Nottingham Puppet Festival can be listed as follows-


Special 4 weeks for the people

This festival will kick off on May 16 with a 4-week batch with loads of fun programs and activities including shows, events, talks, seminars, and screenings of puppetry, across the city. The puppet shows have always been incredibly special since there is a great contingency for these people after spending so much crucial and hard time.

The convenience of these people is also well taken care of and no loop pole is left for them to doubt or complain about. The highlights of this event will include puppet walkabouts at Old Market Square, a unique combo of hip hop, and puppetry talks at Nottingham Trent University. City Arts is going to come up with an avant-garde outdoor manifest promoting fest mascot Maid Marionette where financial aid will be provided to local artists.



  • Works with organizations to unite people worldwide:

The Nottingham puppet festival brings together a lot of organizations from all over the world in the form of sponsors or collaborations so that people get to know about a lot of incredible things and experience them at a single place. This festival has established itself as a major Nottingham event and is a shining instance of how different firms can come up and work together.


  • Launching at the most crucial month of the year:

The launching of this puppet festival is taking place in the most crucial month of the year. Usually, it isn’t celebrated in April, but due to post-pandemic cautions and inconveniences, it is launching in April 2021.

This will be a brilliant opportunity for all the art-lovers to depict their arts and creativities and get appreciation from the audience.

Undoubtedly, the year 2021 is going to be notable right from the beginning and will make people hope for a safer and happier future in all manners and respects. With the new and amazing season of this festival, happiness will also find its way towards us in the coming year.

The above specialties have grown to a huge extent since the last 2 years and have made this festival much more productive. The outcome of this festival has resulted to be very good and profitable for the people with each passing year.

Nottingham Puppet Festival has increased the credibility and reputation of this city to a huge extent since its launch and has made Nottingham the centre of attraction for the whole world. There was an overwhelming response to the first Puppet festival where more than 23,000 people were engaged for 4 exhilarating days. Undoubtedly, this festival has resulted to be very lucky and successful to make this beautiful city known to a lot of people around the world and to increase the tourist visits of this city immensely.

Due to this crucial pandemic and its after-effects, the festival has been delayed this year, but it will take place as soon as the pandemic gets in control and this year will bring much more spark and light to this festival and to the small city of Nottingham which organizes such beautiful, accessible and playful event for the people.